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The Camera on My Phone: How to Use Other Features on iPhone 15/14/13/12?

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to iOS Recovery Aug 14, 2023

Did you know about the photographic styles on your iPhone camera? How about the Action mode or the Ultra-wide camera? When you first open the camera on my phone, taking photos is easy, but capturing a better view will help you get excellent shots! An iPhone’s Camera has plenty of features, some visible or must have been used by you already. But to explore all of it, here’s an overview to know all the basic settings on the iPhone’s Camera with other valuable tips.

Part 1: Get to Know All the Basic Settings for Camera on iPhone 15/14/13/12

As the iOS version of the iPhone gets higher, many features are offered, and changes have been made on iOS 16/17/18; the Camera app on iPhone is affected by this change. The iPhone 14 and 15 cameras can go a long way to capture outstanding shots. But, although these two new iPhones can assist you in achieving incredible shots, there’s still one function of a phone's camera app you didn't know that will make them much better. Let’s discover them now!

Volume Buttons. You can start with controlling the camera on my phone. Most of the time, taking pictures by tapping the screen isn't an excellent idea since it can cause a blurry photo. The Volume buttons come to the rescue then, since pressing either the up or down will be able to capture a photo.

Camera Modes. The iPhone's camera has built-in modes to help you take your ideal photos, such as Photo, QuickTake, Portrait, Square, and Pano.

Photo Camera Modes

As for videos, you can choose from Video, Cinematic, Action, Slo-mo, and Time-lapse.

Video Camera Modes

Aspect Ratio. Changing the aspect ratio can be done on camera on my phone, where you select your preferred ratio; usually, it is 4:3. You can select the Square mode option for a 1:1 ratio or go with the 16:9 ratio for capturing subjects.

Zoom Mode. From the bottom, you will see the Zoom options, which 0.5x refers to Ultra Wide, 1x is the Wide, and 2x is the Telephoto lens. Users can access the Wide and Telephoto for iPhones with dual lenses, but some with a single lens have the Wide one.

Night Mode. Another good thing about the camera on my phone is having a Night Mode feature that enables you to capture color and detail in low light.

Live Photos. Rather than capturing a moment in a freeze, the live photo feature of the iPhone brings life to an image. Using it will result in a video of the moment just happened.

Part 2: More Useful Tips on How to Take Wonderful Photos with iPhone Camera

Although you know the basic settings of the camera on my phone, how about taking beautiful pictures using those features? iPhone’s Camera will not let you down to take quality photos; see below some helpful tips to consider when taking pictures.

1. Capture in ProRaw Images. iPhone’s Camera can capture in the ProRaw format, giving you much more detail in a compression JPEG or HEIC format.

2. Create Your Signature Look. Using the Photographic Styles, you can make your style before capturing with the preset provided: Rich Contrast, Vibrant, Warm, and Cool.

3. Do Close-up Shots. When you zoom in using the Camera on my phone, it focuses on a detailed object excellently. You can use this in flowers, textiles, or anything small to be captured.

4. Adjust the Focus and Other Settings. Focusing on the subject isn't always right with the Camera, so adjust it yourself, and it goes the same with the lightning and exposure settings. Ensure that when taking a picture, it is not too dark and pretty bright at the same time.

5. Disabled the Automatic Night Mode. If you want the best shots, especially in low-light scenarios, you wouldn't want to look like your shots are not taken at night, right? Turning off this mode will give you the best shot in the dark.

6. Capture Using the Proper Camera Mode. When the subject looks more pleasing in a portrait orientation, use the Portrait mode to make the center stand out and blur the background. Make sure to choose one subject that will determine which Camera feature you will use in shooting.

Bonus Tips to Sync and Manage Your iPhone Photos on Windows/Mac

There are many tips for taking amazing pictures using the camera on my phone. Hopefully, you'll find those six tips helpful in capturing amazing photos on the Camera app. Following that is another tip, but this time, it is about syncing and managing your amazingly captured photos. Get to know the 4Easysoft iPhone Transfer.

It is a powerful app that enables users to transfer data, such as pictures and videos, between iOS devices, iOS and PC, and iOS and iTunes. And these transferred files can be managed with this program; you can delete, edit, and convert the photo in JPG/PNG with no quality drop. Plus, you are free to make an album with the ability to check each photo's information, such s data, size, format, and more. Enjoy transferring photos of your iOS devices and manage them alongside almost everything with the ever-reliable 4Easysoft iPhone Transfer.

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Part 3: FAQs about How to Use the Camera on Your iPhone


That’s all for the camera on my phone! For sure, you now know all the basic settings regarding the Camera app on iPhone 15/14/13/12, and you got one best feature in mind right now. Taking amazing pictures afterward needs to be managed primarily if you have taken duplicate photos; feel free to try the 4Eaysoft iPhone Transfer. The program freely manages batch duplicate photos and syncs almost everything on your iOS device besides photos and videos.

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