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MKV Converters: 8 Topmost MKV to MP4 Converters [Windows/Mac]

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to Video Converter Feb 10, 2023

We can say that MKV is one of the most potent formats, for it contains video, audio, and subtitles in a single file. Additionally, this is also an ideal format for streaming movies with subtitles. But sometimes you need to convert MKV videos to MP4 or other formats for more compatibility. Download a movie with MKV format, and you’ll notice that your device doesn’t support it. That’s why it is not powerful enough since it is linked to various compatibility issues with some devices. Luckily you found this article. Read this article up to the end to see the top-tier MKV to MP4 converters. Pick the best one to help you out, solving MKV compatibility issues.

Part 1. Top 8 MKV Converters to Transfer Videos to MP4/MP3

Top 1. 4Easysoft Total Video Converter [Windows/Mac]

If you want to convert your MKV into with a powerful tool that provides the best conversion service, then 4Easysoft Total Video Converter would be a great pick. Being an excellent MKV converter, this program not only supports multiple media formats but also systems like Windows and Mac. This MKV converter also alters your device's memory, accelerating the MKV conversion smoothly while maintaining the original quality. Moreover, the program is also infused with video profile customization settings, where you can add modifications to your MKV to MP4 video’s resolution, encoder, frame rate, etc., based on your preference.

Total Video Converter Box
4Easysoft Total Video Converter

MKV converter to MP4 that supports 60X speed conversion for batch of videos.

Support adjusting the video and audio settings to keep the original high quality of the output.

Provide the Ripper functions to rip MKV files on your disc and convert them to another format.

Infused with basic video editing features such as crop, rotate, and cut.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Here are the basic steps to convert MKV to MP4 using 4Easysoft Total Video Converter.

Step 1Visit the 4Easysoft Total Video Converter website to download and install it on your Windows or macOS. Launch the tool and upload your MKV file by clicking the Add Files button or you can directly Drag and Drop it into the tool’s interface.

Video Converter Add Files TVC

Step 2Click the Format button to select MP4 as the output format for your MKV file. If you wish to convert it into MP3, just tick the Audio tab and then tick MP3 format.

Video Converter Choose Format TVC

Step 3To ensure you get a high-quality output, click the Custom Profile button. There you can modify your MP4 video’s resolution, quality, frame rate, and more.

Gear Icon Custom Profile 4Easysoft

Step 4Click the Save to dropdown list to choose your preferred file location where your converted file will be saved. After that, tick the Convert All button to start the MKV to MP4 conversion.

Top 2. Prism Video Converter [Windows/Mac]

Another free tool you can use as your MKV converter on Mac is Prism Video Converter. This tool is also one of those versatile tools and comes with a straightforward interface. Another thing this also supports the batch conversion process, so if you wish to convert MKV to another format simultaneously, then you can use this tool. In addition, you can also apply some adjustments to your video’s brightness, contrast, rotate, crop, etc. Moreover, you can also add some changes to your output file’s compressor. The downside of this MKV converter is that it has lots of annoying pop-ups.

Prism MKV Converter

Top 3. Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe [Windows/Mac]

An MKV converter to MP4 also offers an incredible conversion speed. This tool contains the ability not only to convert but also to download MKV or other files. Additionally, this tool supports 410 plus built-in device presets to choose from. That includes iPhone, iPad, Apple, Samsung, and more. Meanwhile, the UI of this MKV converter has no significant differences on both Windows and Mac. Hence, you will not feel strange when converting MKV files on a new system. Furthermore, despite not being the fastest converter, this tool supports various video codecs, giving you the conversion you need with MKV to MP4 files without relying on or using any third-party apps.

WinX MKV Converter

Top 4. AnyVideo Converter [Windows/Mac]

It is also a versatile MKV converter tool designed for both Windows and Mac. This tool supports 100 plus inputs and 160 outputs, including MP4, and converts them while preserving their quality. This tool can also rip DVDs to import and convert your MKV file saved on your disc. The conversion process took much time to finish, but it can still provide tremendous and satisfactory output.

AVC MKV Converter

Top 5. Format Factory [Windows]

This is a free MKV converter you can run using any Windows platform. This tool covers a wide range of format output options to choose from. Moreover, this tool can also transfer your MKV file saved on your CD into another type of format, such as MP4. Furthermore, this tool has a great conversion speed and supports hardware acceleration. Behind those great points, this tool offers and installs unnecessary applications without providing significant purpose with MKV to MP4 conversion.

Format Factory MKV Converter

Top 6. HandBrake [Mac]

Despite its simplicity, this tool is suitable to be your MKV to MP4 converter on Mac. You will find it of great use on your Mac computer since the pre-installed players can’t open MKV files. Then, you can use it as your MKV to MP4 converter on the MacBook. Meanwhile, there are many video modification settings you can tweak in HandBrake, like changing your MKV videos’ resolution, bitrate, frame rate, etc. However, after the conversion process of MKV to an MP4 format, it makes the file size bigger and runs very slowly even if having a fast core CPU or a large RAM. But then again, this tool can still be an excellent choice to pick as your video converter on Mac.

HandBrake MKV Converter

Top 7. Freemake Video Converter [Windows]

This tool supports many formats like other MKV converter tools on the market. Aside from that, this tool is compact, with an eye-catchy interface and specific features. Additionally, this tool offers DVD ripping and conversion, which you can use if you have an MKV file on your computer that you want to convert. Additionally, you can use this tool to create a slideshow, usual video editing features, and more. For those mentioned points, unfortunately, this tool also took a lot of time to convert your MKV to MP4.

Freemake MKV Converter

Top 8. VLC Media Player [Mac]

VLC should always be in the list when looking for Mac-compatible MKV converters. Yes, VLC is a media player but don’t underestimate its capability to convert your MKV to MP4 format. As you already know, VLC is free software that supports and plays various media formats. It is also infused with the capability to convert media files, including MKV.

VLC MKV Converter

Part 2. Comparing the Best 8 MKV Converters: Choose the Suitable One

For you to choose and help you decide the best MKV Converter, here is the Comparison Chart you can use to see the one that could provide the best conversion service and quality output.


Support FormatsConversion SpeedVideo Modifying FeaturesVideo Output Quality
4Easysoft Total Video ConverterSupports 600+ audio and video formats.60X ultra-fast speed conversionCompact with basic video editing and enhancements, and modifying video output quality, resolution, frame rate, and more.Produces high-quality output.
Prism Video ConverterAlmost 100 supported formats.Convert video within minutesTrim video and add effects.Video converted with an unaltered quality.
Winx HD Video Converter DeluxeCapable of supporting 420+ audio and video formats.Support fast conversionSupports video trimming, cropping, rotating, and applying effects.Maintain video quality after conversion.
AnyVideo ConverterHas almost 50 supported audio and video formats.Took a couple of minutes to finish the conversionTrim, crop, rotate, and video effects.Convert media files without losing the original quality.
Format Factory19+ supported formats.Superfast conversion speed.Supports video cropping and clip trimming, and video output tweaking.Produces excellent quality output.
HandBrakeOnly supports MKV, MP4, and WebM formats.Typical Fast conversionSetting adjustments for video quality, encoder, and framerate.Preserve the quality of the imported file.
Freemake Video ConverterBears 500 video formatsNormal speedOffers basic editing includes, including cutting and rotating clips.Maintains the original quality after conversion.
VLC Media Player40 well-known formatsSlow conversion process for large file size and high-quality output.Crop, trim and add video effects.Output not exceeded 720p video quality.

Part 3. FAQs about MKV Converters on Windows/Mac


There you have it, your top 8 MKV to MP4 converters you can use. Now you can solve the compatibility issue of the MKV format with those featured video converters. Please take note, in choosing a video converter, it is recommended to pick a tool that won’t limit you with your inputs, supports an ultra-fast-speed conversion process, and supports many video editing features (whether for redefining or quality modification). If you find that points are great things to consider, then 4Easysoft Total Video Converter has it all. Use it as your MKV converter tool and witness its capabilities.

Free Download

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Free Download

100% Secure

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