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10 Great iMovie Alternatives for Windows with Pros and Cons

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to Edit Video/Audio Jun 27, 2024

iMovie is Apple’s free video editor tool that offers many editing features that you can utilize to edit your various kinds of videos. Now, you probably have experience using iMovie before, and with its great features, you might also be wondering what is the best tool for Windows that could match its features. If you are curious, continue reading this post because it features the ten best iMovie alternatives for Windows, along with their pros and cons! Explore each of them now.

4Easysoft Total Video Converter – Edit Videos with Preset Themes

The first iMovie for Windows that you can use is the professional 4Easysoft Total Video Converter tool! This Windows and Mac-compatible tool supports various video editing features that you can utilize to redefine your video. It is infused with an MV Maker with tons of video editing features. These editing features include a video rotator, cropper, add effects, filters, watermarks, subtitles, audio, etc. Moreover, this tool also comes with a library of themes that you can use to embed on your video. Furthermore, each theme has graphical animations and effects that you and the audience will surely enjoy watching.

Total Video Converter Box
Features of 4Easysoft Total Video Converter

Infused with a preview that lets you check the changes you’ve made to your video.

Let you add start and end titles and keep or add background music.

Offer various formats to export your edited video, choose its quality, set its fps, etc.

Provide an advanced trimmer tool that lets you cut off unwanted parts of a video.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

How to Utilize the 4Easysoft Total Video Converter Tool as an iMovie Alternative for Windows:

Step 1Install the 4Easysoft Total Video Converter on your Windows/Mac computer. Then, launch the tool, select the "MV" tab, and hit the "Add" button to bring the video to the tool’s interface.

Make Mv Add Files Tvc

Step 2After that, tick the "Edit" button with the "Gear" icon, and in the new window, you can rotate, crop, and add effects, filters, watermarks, etc., to your video. Then, once you are done, click the "OK" button to save your changes.

Make Mv Edit Videos Tvc

Step 3Then, under the "Theme" section, choose a preset theme you want to apply to your video. Each of the themes comes with different graphical animations and effects.

Make Mv Select A Theme Tvc

Step 4Next, tick the "Setting" tab and select whether you want to add "Start or End Titles" to your video. You can use the input text field to enter the titles and edit them by clicking the button beside them. You can keep the video's original audio or add a music background instead.

Make Mv Set The Title Tvc

Step 5Once you finish the above setups, tick the "Export" tab and select an output format, resolution, quality, etc. Then, choose where to save the output and tick the "Start Export" button to initiate the recording process.

Make Mv Export The Mv Tvc

VSDC Video Editor – Edit Videos Easily Yet With Advanced Output

Another video editing software iMovie for Windows, is the VSDC Video Editor. Although VSDC is a beginner-friendly tool, it lets you create a professional-looking output! Thanks to its advanced yet easy-to-use video editing features! The same goes for the tool above; VSDC also supports a modern interface and non-linear video editing process. That means you can easily edit multiple videos and place them in any order. Moreover, this tool also offers many video filters, effects, color correction options, and more.

Vsdc Interface
It is free to use.
It provides tons of text animations.
It supports 4K video for both import and export.
The free version embeds a watermark on your output.
It doesn’t support full-screen video previews.
The interface is less intuitive than other tools.

DaVinci Resolve – Edit Video Colors

If you are looking for a professional iMovie alternative for Windows, you must check DaVinci Resolve! This tool is best known for its color grading tools. Those tools are indeed powerful/versatile and provide you with the best color correction outputs and creative color looks and help you manipulate your subject skin tone. Moreover, this tool also offers motion graphics, special effects, transitions, animated texts, and more!

Davinci Interface
It offers advanced features that provide professional-looking outputs.
It provides 2D and 3D animated titles and texts.
It lets multiple editors collaborate.
Steep learning curve.
It consumes a lot of computer resources.
The Studio version offered is quite expensive.

OpenShot – Edit Videos with Animations

Otherwise, if you are looking for a simple iMovie alternative for Windows that offers great animation options, then the OpenShot is what you are searching for! This tool features a drag-and-drop interface that makes the video importation easy and suitable for beginners. Moreover, this tool offers various animation effects such as fades, slides, zoom, and bounces. Furthermore, this tool also supports keyframes that enable you to animate multiple properties.

Openshot Interface
Free to use and download.
It offers basic video editing options.
It also provides various ready-made video templates.
It is slow to render videos.
It offers a few features compared to its competitors.

CyberLink PowerDirector – Edit Videos with Cutting-Edge AI

Besides DaVinci Resolve, CyberLink PowerDirector is also an iMovie alternative for Windows with advanced features. This tool is packed with great AI features that you can use to bring a wow factor to your videos! Some of its AI features include transforming videos into cartoons, removing their backgrounds, adding AI body effects, motion tracking, and more! Moreover, this tool also offers an extensive stock library of videos, photos, and music.

Cyberlink Interface
It supports the green screen effect to change the video background.
It allows you to access a large stock of media files.
It comes with advanced video and audio modification features.
It comes with a steep learning curve.
It offers limited features under its free version.
Some of the AI tools are not provided for free.

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate – Edit Videos with Grade Effects

Aside from DaVinci and CyberLink, Pinnacle Studio is another high-end video editing tool, an iMovie alternative for Windows. This tool offers color adjustment options that enable you to correct the video’s color. It also lets you unleash your creativity about colors and achieve your desired mood or look. Moreover, this tool also comes with color correction, color wheels, waveform scope, etc.

Pinnacle Interface
Suitable for all types of users.
It provides a royalty-free library of music.
It offers an extensive library of graphics, overlays, filters, etc.
It only offers limited features under the free version.
It offers expensive upgrades.

Kdenlive – Edit Videos with Multi-Track Editing

Another iMovie alternative for Windows is the Kdenlive. This free tool has many features for both professional and beginner users. It offers multi-track editing, enabling you to work with different elements quickly (video, audio, sound effects, titles, etc.). It is like a tool that lets you arrange or work on your video like a layered cake. This tool also has keyframe animation, enabling you to work precisely with effects and transitions.

Kdenlive Interface
Free and open-source tool.
Intuitive and friendly interface.
It offers several video, audio, and composition effects.
It takes a lot of time for the tool to render.
It comes with frequent crashes on Windows.

HitFilm Express – Edit Videos with High-Quality Features for Free

If the tools above are too professional, you can use HitFilm as your iMovie alternative for Windows. Compared to the tools above, HitFilm offers advanced features usually found in various expensive video editor tools. Now, the good thing is those advanced features are free, and you can produce a professional-looking output with them! Moreover, this tool also provides tons of video effects, 3D compositing, color grading, and more!

Hitfilm Interface
It offers a quite straightforward interface.
It provides you with an easy way of applying masks and layers.
It supports 3D animation creation.
It performs very slowly under old computers.
It needs video editing features.

Shortcut – Edit Videos with Quickly

Another iMovie alternative for Windows, like HitFilm, is Shortcut. This tool is also an open-source and free video editing tool that supports easy-to-use features. Moreover, this tool offers an intuitive interface that makes editing videos easier, especially if you are a beginner. Furthermore, this tool’s interface also supports a drag-and-drop feature, making it easier to import your video clips.

Shortcut Interface
Free and easy-to-use video editor.
It offers various basic video editing features.
It might offer features that are too limited for you.
It doesn’t provide many export options.

Filmora – Edit Videos with Built-in Effects and Templates

If HitFilm and Shortcut offer too few features, check Filmora as an iMovie for Windows. This tool has a user-friendly interface and pre-made templates, making it ideal for you if you want to create videos quickly. Moreover, it offers a drag-and-drop feature and a library of effects, titles, transitions, etc. Although there are better options than this tool for creating complex video projects, Filmora can still make you produce an engaging and creative output.

Filmora Interface
User-friendly tool with easy-to-understand features.
It offers a straightforward user interface.
It offers various ready-made effects and templates.
It embeds a watermark on your output under the free version.
The paid version might be too expensive for you.
Filmora Interface

Adobe Premiere Elements – Edit Videos with Professional Editing Features

The last tool for this lineup of iMovie downloads for Windows is Adobe Premiere Elements. This tool is packed with professional video editing tools that are best for you if you aim to produce a high-quality and professional-looking video! Some of this tool’s supported video editing features include pre-made templates, effects, and essential editing tools. With this tool, you can release your creativity and produce visually appealing outputs!

Adobe Interface
Easy-to-use video editor tool.
Despite being a beginner-friendly tool, it is infused with powerful editing tools.
It supports guided editing to instruct you with your editing.
It is not the best tool to create complex video projects.
It doesn’t offer enough export options.

FAQs about the Best iMovie for Windows


That’s it! Those are the ten best iMovie alternatives for Windows, along with their pros and cons! These tools are among the best options for iMovie due to their video editing features. If you are looking for the best iMovie alternative packed with great editing features and excellent export options, then the 4Easysoft Total Video Converter tool is what you are searching for! This tool is infused with advanced yet easy-to-use editing features, and theme presets that you can use to redefine your video! Visit its official website today to discover more.

Free Download

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Free Download

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