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Change SIM Card on iPhone: How to Do It and What Will Happen After?

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to iOS Backup&Restore Jan 10, 2024

Changing a SIM card on iPhone is as easy as how someone changes a sim card on an Android device. However, there will be times when one might think trying the operation is complicated. As you know, some scenarios usually won’t let someone change SIM card on iPhone. Thus, you’re looking for answers to such questions as "Are there things to do before changing?" The entire content will give you all the answers you need, so scroll down now to learn how to change SIM card on iPhone 11/12/13/14, alongside other information.

Part 1: What You Should Do Before Changing SIM Card on Your iPhone

The primary purpose of having a mobile device is communication, which people use to make calls, send text messages, and communicate through the Internet. And those will be possible and effortless if you have a SIM card installed. It is a small chip that lets your device connect to a cellular network. And if you’re an iPhone user, the process of changing is straightforward, but you need to consider some things before you change SIM card on iPhone; here are some of those things:

Sim Card Sizes

How to Change SIM Card on iPhone 14/13/12/11 [Tutorial]

After learning what you should do before changing your SIM card on your iPhone, it’s time to change it! Ready your new SIM card along with the ejector tool. If you don’t have the SIM ejector tool, you can use a paperclip or an earring as alternatives. Here’s how to change SIM card on iPhone 14/13/12/11.

Step 1Find the location of your "SIM card tray"; it depends on what iPhone model you’re using. The tray is right below the "Power" button for older ones. While for new iPhones, the SIM card tray is on the left below the "Volume".

Sim Card Tray

Step 2Pick your "SIM ejector" and gently push it into the small hole of the tray to get it out on your device. Please carefully remove your old one and keep it.

Step 3After that, insert your new SIM card now into the tray. Make sure that it is correctly positioned in the card tray. Now, gently push the tray back to your iPhone until it closes.

Step 4Now that you’re using a new SIM card, you may be prompted to enter your carrier information. As for someone who created a backup of their data, you can quickly restore it to your new SIM card. That’s how to change SIM card on iPhone!

What Will Happen After Changing SIM Card on iPhone?

Although changing SIM cards is a no-sweat process, aren't you curious about what will happen after changing? When you switch from your old SIM card to a new one on your iPhone, here are the things that will happen.

As you talk about backing up, here comes the 4Easysoft iOS Data Backup & Restore. The program allows you to make a backup of all your essential data on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod to your PC and be able to restore them quickly if needed. Furthermore, the process can be done effortlessly in one click and with the help of the Preview feature since you can just select your desired ones to be backed up. Before changing SIM card on iPhone, please use it to backup.

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Part 4: FAQs about How to Change SIM Card on iPhone


No doubt, having a SIM card inserted in your iPhone is vital as it lets you connect to a network and use data services for social media and others. And there will be times when you will need to change SIM card on iPhone, so this post is dependable if you find the operation challenging. You also learn in this post what you should do before changing SIM cards, including creating a backup that can be done safely with 4Easysoft iOS Data Recovery. This program provides a secure and quick backing up of data and others, such as recovering lost files and more valuable functionalities. Don’t forget to download this Recovery tool!

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