Video Maker: Is It the Best AI Text-to-video Generator?

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to Convert Video Aug 02, 2023

With the popular of AI creation, you may find there are many AI video makers now. Among them, is always recommended as an easy-to-use AI video generator with many powerful editing tools. You can easily use it to generate text to videos and edit the videos to make them more realistic. But is it worth buying with the expensive price? Keep reading to know more about Video Maker with the features, pros, and cons.

Part 1: All about Video Maker: Features, Pros, and Cons

With over 150 million image and audio resources, video maker can easily generate the desired videos according to your requirements. Here are all the features you can get from video maker. Get to know the pros and cons, and decide whether to buy it for your video creation.

1. The Main Feature of Text to Video Generator

After clicking on the Text to Video button, you can directly enter the video title and script you want to make, and video maker will search for the proper footages for you. You can input up to 20 sentences to describe your video contents. A good way to make a logic and coherence video is writing all the important ideas in order, and will automatically combine the found resources seamlessly with transitions.

2. Preset Browse Templates for Different Uses video maker also provides many wonderful browse templates to put your videos. After creating AI videos, you can use it to design a website page for your product. It provides preset templates in different styles, like real estate, education, art, food, business, and even seasons and festivals for special sales. Thus, you can regard as an all-in-one tool for building your website.

3. Generate AI Video from Your Media Demos

If you have collected some video footages, can simply help you create a complete music video from it. Go to the Use Own Media page and upload your video demos. Here you can use more tools from the left-bar to input the keyword and find the desired materials and background music to add. In this way, you can make your videos more professional.

4. Powerful Editing Tools to Make Videos More Realistic

If you think the created video by video maker is not like made by a human, you can use the advanced editing tools to avoid this problem. It provides video cropper, color correction, transitions, background music, motion graphics, text editing, and many special effects. Those professional tools will bring your videos to next-level.

Export videos in high quality with 4K resolution.
The process of making videos is fast.
No customizable settings on the templates.

After knowing this powerful video maker, how about the price of

The basic license is $29/month, and it provide all the mentioned functions for you to make AI videos. Since some advanced templates are not available, it’s more suitable for individuals to complete work or study.

While the pro license is $69/month for 5 users, and you can access all features without any limitations. No only the video maker function, you can also use the logo maker, page designer, speech maker, brand kit, and more.

Part 2: 3 Recommended Alternatives to Video Maker

Since is a little pricy, here are some recommended AI video generators like video maker. Get to know the different features of them and choose the most suitable one for you.

1. Lumen5

This AI video generator is mainly for companies to create contents for blogs, social media platforms, and more. You can directly paste a URL of your favorite video or input the text for creating videos. If you want to add a voiceover to your video, it can even sync the sound and text.

Price: $19/month for pro version.

2. Runway

Runway is also a powerful AI video generator and editor like video maker. The main feature is that it creates videos based on the actual footages, so the creation will be more realistic. The only disadvantage is that the user-interface is a little complex for beginners.

Price: $15/month, with 625 credits to purchase the desired AI features and 4K output.

3. Synthesia

This video maker alternative is mainly for making AI avatars and voices on videos. If you are shy to show on the tutorial videos, you can use Systhesia to select an AI avatar to speak according to your content. It provides 70+ AI models to you, and you can even change the settings to create unique model.

Price: $30/month with 10 minutes of videos.

Part 3: FAQs about Video Maker


Here are the overall reviews on video maker, and you can use it to create videos without spending several hours to find the footages. But the price it a little expensive for pro version. So, you can also have a try on the video maker alternatives according to your need. Start using AI technology to create wonderful videos easily and quickly.