10 ChatGPT Business Ideas You Can Get With AI [Service, Plugins, Etc.]

Paula Pailaga Posted by Paula Pailaga to AI Tips Aug 21, 2023

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that assists businesses in providing convenience to their clients and customers. As artificial intelligence grows, ChatGPT business ideas can be utilized for online education, event planning, social networking, and more. In addition, AI can be blended with a wide range of technologies and platforms, allowing businesses to strengthen their capabilities and offer users a friendly experience. To know more, scroll down to see a list of AI Business Ideas of ChatGPT. Have fun!

Part 1. How Can ChatGPT Help You with 10 ChatGPT Business Ideas

Since AI powers Chatbot, their ideas transform how a business operates, and before you operate one, it is vital to know the need and business objectives. So, let’s get into the following 10 chatbot business ideas to widen your knowledge.

1. Social Media Manager

Among the AI business ideas is the Social Media Manager, which focuses on integrating a wide range of content suggestions, social media platforms, and real-time analytics. You can ask questions like helping you schedule your Facebook posts, check Instagram post engagements, the trending topics today, and so forth. Furthermore, their general duties focus on overseeing business-customer interactions.

2. Real Estate Advisor

It is easy to create listings with complete details, such as pricing, images, plans, etc., with the help of the Real Estate Advisor Plugin. Being part of the ChatGPT business ideas, their job includes researching, planning, developing, etc. Aside from that, it provides an up to date information and is able to formulate answers to questions about the latest property listings, schedule a property viewing, communicate with real estate agents, and more.

3. Customer Service or Support

Customer Service or Support powered by artificial intelligence is helpful for business as it lets customers get answers to their complaints and questions. It includes solving technical problems, searching for new solutions, and troubleshooting. Being provided as one of the AI business ideas, handling customer inquiries and service without needing too much assistance from humans is helpful.

4. Social Networking

A social networking platform that utilizes artificial intelligence generally enables users to share content. It can be utilized for friend requesting, messaging, and sharing updates such as photos, text, or videos. Plus, with this part of business ideas AI, you can consider using other technologies to enhance users' experience and provide more recommendations.

5. Automated Online Services

The internet has changed how people operate a business, and with technology rising, automated online services have become famous. Being one of the ChatGPT business ideas, it works by using rules and workflows. It is a web-based AI tool that performs various activities with the help of AI, like order processing, customer service, data entry, and more.

6. Personal Shopping Assistant

The following ChatGPT business ideas powered by AI if for shoppers out there. The Personal Shopping Assistant helps users create intelligent choices by selecting products and prices. In addition, it can also act as your reminder to make the purchase of what you have been eyeing these past few days. Since all happen remotely, resources like calls, chats, and emails are what they use.

7. AI YouTube Assistant

For all YouTubers, it is challenging to respond to their viewers or fans. AI YouTube Assistant can learn your tone and what you would like to say in response to them. Being one of the ChatGPT business ideas can assist you in giving a thoughtful response publicly. And the more feedback you give to them, the AI learns and gets better in every single comment they will come up with in the future.

8. Event Planner

An event planner simplifies the complete event planning by giving users real-time data, scheduling venues, and other services. Using the AI, it even analyzes the weather forecast for the time of the event. You can find answers to questions like recommending a platform to manage the event, catering services, local brands for entertainment, or searching for a venue that can manage a certain number of people. Plus, the chatbot can also handle the registration.

9. Online Tutoring or Education

Online tutoring, one of the AI business ideas, can provide students with assistance in getting guidance from qualified tutors. Depending on the student's wants and needs, they can do a one-on-one or group session. If students can’t attend in-person classes, this type of platform, online learning, is convenient for them.

10. Virtual Personal Assistants

In today’s age, business owners have a lot on their plate, so virtual personal assistance comes as a solution to manage their work effectively since artificial intelligence comes with help. Virtual Personal Assistants are capable of performing lots of tasks to assist professionals, like scheduling appointments, answering emails, calls, reminders, and more.

Part 2. FAQs about ChatGPT Business Ideas


Indeed, AI technology transforms the way businesses communicate with their customers. By utilizing ChatGPT business ideas, businesses could give their customers reliable and 24/7 support, improving customer service, answering queries, resolving issues, and improving their knowledge of specific topics. It simplifies the work and improves the overall process of the business. Whether you’re just starting to run a business, ChatGPT business ideas will help to achieve your objectives.